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Frequently Asked Questions
about our Free Website Service for Business, clubs, ventures, organisations or individuals

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  • How Do I Get My Free Website?

    • 1. Just sign up for a hosting plan for just €69.99 ex vat
    • 2. Choose a domain name (website address)
    • 3. We will contact you for the info that you want to appear on your website
    • 4. We create a website design within 7 days matching your type of business or organisation
    • 5. Your Website is Live on the Internet - easy peezy
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  • Is a Domain Name Included?

    • Yes the domain name is included free of charge (either .net, .org, .com or .ie)
    • There are no hidden fees with our free website offer, if you would prefer an alternative TLD for your domain name this can be arranged
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  • How Long Will It Take?

    Once you have provided us with the information and contact details to appear on your website it should take no more than 7 days for your website to be finished

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  • What Kind of Website Do I Get For Free?

    The Free Website consisits of a homepage and a contact page, if you would like a larger website or an online shop it is easy to upgrade in your website account

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